Based upon feedback our nurse friend Denise gave us about the various downloadable nurse brain sheets we found floating around the Internet, we have decided to offer our own assortment of report sheets in pdf and doc formats. While the pdf files are only editable with special software for most people, we are providing the doc files for convenient editing and customization in your word processor, because every nurse knows just how his or her brain should be.

Right click “PDF” or “DOC” below the thumbnails to download your selection. You can preview a pdf in your browser simply by clicking on “PDF.”

Two-Patient Brains:


Three-Patient Brain (Front & Back of Sheet):




Shift Hours:


We’d love to have feedback on our nursing brains. Please leave comments below!

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14 Responses to “Free Customizable, Editable Nurse Brain Sheets”

  1. cynthia says:

    Hey there!

    I would love to see a brain that has labs involved along with the three patient condensed onto one page, with some writing room. NO need to list out every single hour for meds. Med surg is too fast paced!

    • Bret Norwood says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      I appreciate the feedback. It’s the only way we can know what people are looking for in the brains. How would you do the meds section then? Would you just like to see an open space, a few unnumbered lines, or something else?

      Also, we do have the DOC versions linked to this post for folks who have Word and want to customize what we have here. We might be able to help you make your three-patient option, though, if you like.

      I apologize for the delayed response. For some reason, your comment got caught in our spam filter and I missed it!


  2. jarreau says:

    Thanks. .. I really enjoyed this. .. I plan to modify by adding fishbone lab graph…

  3. Ashton says:

    I would love to see a sheet created for a nurse working at a nursing home where they have 36 patients that included med times, treatments,vitals and other things that nursing home nurses need to know

  4. Tamica says:

    Is there a way to have mother baby brain sheet?

  5. Kim says:

    I would love to find the perfect brain sheet that gives me a place to write my labs and multiple rechecks. I work in an ICU and am always replacing electrolytes. I do not need the meds listed out per hour because I use the MAR. I also need a place for reminders and what I need to ask the doctor for. I like most of the detailed assessment sections because I am able to write in for my tubes and settings of med gtts.
    Thank you!

  6. NM says:

    Hi! Thanks for providing doc versions for us to be able to edit!! Could you please (for the 3rd brain) label the fishbone skeletons? Eg, PT, PTT, INR, K, WBC, etc… I’ve never seen the U shaped fishbone in the middle and not sure what it’s tracking. Thanks again!

  7. Anna V says:

    I know these can be modified, but I would love to see some with night shift hours, etc.

  8. Chrissy says:

    Is there any chance you have made one of these for homecare nursing?

  9. Bret Norwood says:

    If someone wants to contribute examples or templates for the things people are requesting, we would be happy to publish them here. We aren’t in nursing, but worked with a nurse to create that first set, so we don’t know how these things are supposed to look unless someone shows us.

    Let me know in a comment if you have a brain template or example to share.

    We’re in the process of sunsetting the nursing apps advertised elsewhere on this page and have moved into other projects. However, we’d like to keep these brains available, because people seem very interested in them, but we don’t have the time or expertise to update these templates or create new ones on our own, so we’d appreciate any contributions.

  10. Angela says:

    I LOVE this site! Thank you so much for providing doc’s!!!!

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