You’ve recently gotten a new Android smartphone. You’ve learned how to make a phone call. You either had your contacts ported over from you old phone or have started a new contact list as you make and receive calls. You’ve snapped a picture or two and admired them on the bright, clear display.

Now what?

You’ve heard a lot about ‘apps’ — small programs that run on the phone and customize it to suit your needs and interests. And you already know how to run apps since everything you’ve done so far, from making a call to taking a picture, was done via an app that came pre-installed on it. But how do you download your first new app?
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Anyone who owns an iOS phone knows it; they have an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch.  Apple is great at branding and great at capturing mindshare for their handheld devices.

Anyone who owns a Blackberry knows it; they have a Blackberry Torch, Curve, Bold, etc.  Research In Motion has also done a great job of branding for their handsets and the Blackberry secure communications infrastructure that stands behind them.

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