Will my passwords and access codes be safe?

Compared to jotting them down in a little notebook you keep in your pocket or on the back of your badge, your passwords and access codes will be very safe.

In order to access your passwords using the PasswordRN app on your phone, you or anyone else must enter a single ‘master password’.  You should choose a strong password for your master password, one others cannot easily guess.  To some degree, how safe your passwords remain depends on how well you choose and guard your master password.

Please see our Passwords 101 post for some tips on choosing strong passwords.

The PasswordRN data is stored locally on the phone and never transmitted across the internet. It is stored in an encrypted form using an accepted, industry-standard encryption technique.  No such technique is 100% unbreakable.  We do not recommend storing data inside PasswordRN that is of serious interest to other nations or well-organized criminal interests such as drug cartels.  But a clever, bored patient will not be able to pocket your phone, wait till you are off shift, fiddle around with it in the middle of the night, and figure out your passwords.

What is a password keeper?

A password keeper is a tool that stores all of your usernames and passwords for you, in a safe location, protected by one ‘master password’.  All you have to remember is the master password.  Once you have entered it, the keeper will show you a list of all your system names and user names.  When you select an entry from that list, your password and any optional notes you have entered will be displayed.

Password keepers are also known as ‘password managers’ or ‘password vaults’.

What happens if I forget my master password?

You cannot access the passwords stored in the app without the master password you have previously chosen.

If you do forget your master password, you can use the ‘reset’ button to choose a new password and start over with the app, but you will lose access to all of the entries you have stored previously.

Please see our Passwords 101 post for some tips on choosing a strong but easy-to-remember master password.

What’s the difference between PasswordRN and PasswordRN Lite?

PasswordRNLite has all of the features, functionality, and security of the PasswordRN product.  It is simply limited to holding only five passwords / access codes at a time.

PasswordRNLite is free and we encourage you to download it and try the tool before you make a decision to buy PasswordRN.  However, Lite is not time limited, so if your passwords problems at work are limited to five systems or less, please use and enjoy Lite for long as it meets your needs.

When and if you want to upgrade to the full PasswordRN, just buy it through the Android marketplace.  When it installs on your phone, it will import your Lite password list.  We recommend you uninstall Lite after you have the full PasswordRN working for you, just to eliminate any confusion.


My phone came with an alarm clock. How is TimerRN different?

TimerRN is a multi-timer that lets you:

  • Mix and match alarm (aka event) timers that will go off at a specified time with count-down timers that go off in a specified number of minutes or hours.  Most timing apps for phones do one or the other, not both.
  • Label your timers however you like, such as by room and bed number, so you not only know when but get a reminder about where to be and what you need to be doing.
  • Organize your timers by category so you can easily prioritize the medically critical tasks above the administrative ones.
  • Customize the sound each timer makes when it goes off.
  • Customize your screen colors.  (No, this doesn’t make it work better but we all need a little fun in our lives and Android apps, in particular, frankly tend to be pretty dull to look at!)

What’s the difference between TimerRN and TimerRN Lite?

TimerRNLite has all of the features, functionality, and security of the TimerRN product.  It is simply limited to running just four timers at once.

TimerRNLite is free and we encourage you to download it and try the tool before you make a decision to buy TimerRN.  However, Lite is not time-limited, so if your timer needs at work are limited to four or less, please use and enjoy Lite for as long as it meets your needs.


Do you have any products for non-nurses?

Yes!  We also have phone apps that are useful to first responders and the generally curious.  Please see our various Placard Apps.