Compared to jotting them down in a little notebook you keep in your pocket or on the back of your badge, your passwords and access codes will be very safe.

In order to access your passwords using the PasswordRN app on your phone, you or anyone else must enter a single ‘master password’.  You should choose a strong password for your master password, one others cannot easily guess.  To some degree, how safe your passwords remain depends on how well you choose and guard your master password.

Please see our Passwords 101 post for some tips on choosing strong passwords.

The PasswordRN data is stored locally on the phone and never transmitted across the internet. It is stored in an encrypted form using an accepted, industry-standard encryption technique.  No such technique is 100% unbreakable.  We do not recommend storing data inside PasswordRN that is of serious interest to other nations or well-organized criminal interests such as drug cartels.  But a clever, bored patient will not be able to pocket your phone, wait till you are off shift, fiddle around with it in the middle of the night, and figure out your passwords.

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