We are currently looking for a nurse do online research for us. This is a part-time contract position, requiring 2-4 hours of work online per week.  We need someone who:

  • is an RN or student nurse studying to be an RN,
  • is familiar and comfortable with the web, Google and, preferably, LinkedIn,
  • is familiar with the concept of ‘user forums’ and posting questions/answers there, and
  • has a high-speed internet connection.

This could be a perfect job if you are staying home with small children, are recently retired, or are out on disability leave and would like to earn a little bit of extra income.

We don’t currently have any traditional full or part-time job openings.


We are also interested in talking to customers, potential partners, and competitors about opportunities we can explore or create together.

If you are a nurse or other healthcare professional:

We are always looking for additional product ideas and for alpha/beta testers who can help us refine our feature sets and improve our usability.  Please feel free to contact us if you have an an idea or would like to participate as a tester.

If you are a potential business partner (an app developer, a content author, a reseller, or what have you):

Contact us; tell us a bit about yourself and how we might work together.

If you are a competitor:

We are long-time fans of the concept of ‘co-opetition‘.  We believe that if we are both selling software to nurses, we have a lot in common.  And probably, sometime, somewhere, we’ll have an opportunity to work together to do good for our mutual customers. Please, use the contact form to introduce yourself or pick up the phone and give us a call.